I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Between 1992-1995, there was a war in my country that changed the course of my life forever. I came to Toronto in 1994 as a refugee of war.

I had a Spiritual Awakening in October of 2004, termed by Easterners as a Kundalini Awakening. This experience has transformed me entirely; mind, body, and Soul, and soon after, creative expressions started to evolve. Visionary painting, inspired acting and comedy, expressions through poetry and musical lyrics all entered my life as I allowed this new creative energy within to unfold itself. 

Knowledge and understanding of the hidden mysteries of Life and Creation inspired my tone of speaking and writing on Spiritual topics. A new thirst for expression of these truths evolved inside me as my consciousness started to expand as a result of the Kundalini energy now awakened within me. 

This energy awakened me to the “Fourth Dimension,” the Dimension of Vibration, or Energy. I began to function on a higher level as i was experiencing the world of energy, which enhanced my empathic and telepathic skills. As I continued to transform on many levels over the years, I began to function entirely on intuition. Having this Inner Fire awakened inside of me enables me to live in the present moment, the Now, at all times. Through the Now, I am able to tap into my innermost potential as a Spiritual human being.

After the awakening, I have spent 5 years practicing Ceremonial Magick through a Western Mysteries School called the Golden Dawn. The course of study within the Golden Dawn includes learning about subjects such as the Qabalah, Hermeticism, Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual Alchemy, and much more. Their Spiritual practice is called Ceremonial Magick and it is this sacred art that proved to be exactly what I needed at the time. I needed a powerful Spiritual practice because as I was now fully awakened to the world of pure energy, it was required of me to cleanse and tune my Chakras while removing negative Karmic energy from my Aura.

Truth is, after the Kundalini awakening, I was experiencing immense fear and anxiety, and I was searching for a way to help myself. As the Light from the Kundalini is released through an awakening, it enlightens all the Chakras and makes them all function at once. This caused incredible “fogginess” in my mind and an inability to think straight for a long time. It was such a huge blow to the Ego and picking up the pieces was not easy. I was lost to say the least and it seemed that nobody could help me. I was alone but determined and confident that I would find a way to help myself.

It became necessary to remove the negative energy from the Chakras in order to align my consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness and get over feeling like this Kundalini gift was a curse. Ceremonial Magick helped me with that. Not only did it serve to purify each Chakra as I needed it to, but it proved to be an invaluable tool in my overall Spiritual evolution with the Kundalini energy. As the Kundalini Fire was doing its thing, I would assist it by isolating different parts of my Aura to work with through Ceremonial Magick ritual exercises. This allowed any blockages to be removed from my energy system so that the Kundalini Light can shine brightly within me and continue its work of transforming me.

Over time, and because it proved to be so useful in my Spiritual evolution, I mastered the Golden Dawn system. I was such a strong believer in the system and Ceremonial Magick that right from the start, I was very excited to share this knowledge with others. As such, I taught this mysterious art to many other people who were in need of Spiritual cleansing. Some of them were Kundalini awakened individuals, and some were friends and even people I met on the street who wanted to evolve Spiritually.

Considering that the Kundalini awakening happened in my second year of University, I had a hard time managing what was happening with me and finishing my school program. I am happy to say that finding the tools early on to help me with the difficult time I was having enabled me to continue my schooling and finish the Architectural Science Program that I started. Since then I have been working with my family in our design company, Paar Design.

As the Divine would have it, I started going more public with my knowledge and experience with the Kundalini and Magick. My first written work was an article for the ICR Newsletter discussing my own journey with the Kundalini and the impact that Ceremonial Magick had on my Spiritual evolution. Next I had an appearance on a local Spiritual radio show where I again had the same message for people. I found my home though within the Kundalini Consortium newsletter and continued to write articles for years. The Kundalini Consortium is involved in the scientific study of the Kundalini energy as it pertains to the expansion of consciousness and human evolution. In the midst of my Kundalini journey, I did a number of video segments that were captured on film by award winning filmmaker and friend, Paul Kurti. I spoke about various Spiritual topics, the purpose of which was to inspire and inform the people of this unknown bio-energy called the Kundalini which resides at the base of the spine and can be triggered in this lifetime. 

Since 2016 I have been working extensively on six books, one of which it to be published in 2019, and the other five are to be published between 2020-2022. My autobiography is conveyed through a trilogy of books, the first of which is to be published in 2020. These four bodies of work (including the trilogy), are the culmination of my 15 year journey with the Kundalini. They feature subjects such as Kundalini science and philosophy, Magick and the Qabalah, as well as Ancient civilizations and human origins. For more info on those, click on the “Books” section of this site.