Serpent Rising-Act  I

From morning to night,
Our fragile dreams take flight,
We create, we destroy,
Our imaginations we deploy.

As time flows by,
Ever turning, merging still,
I breathe in your hearts love,
Your blood I get my fill.

Release the serpent,
Let is rise,
Never fear, always know,
It's the Goddess in disguise.

Your heart will be torn up,
Your mind you'll surely lose,
But always know inside your hearts,
The Light shines bright, so let it cruise.

Fear and pain, inside my mind,
Fear and pain, inside I'll find.
I'm all alone, no star in sight,
I'm all alone, with the Light.

The shadow holds me dear,
I can't turn it away,
Twisting and turning me,
Every single day.


Serpent Rising-Act II

As I lay awake, lying in my bed,
I felt a burn in my heart,
Streaking, vibrating lightning,
Inside my head.

My heart burned deeply,
I felt myself expand,
One with The All,
The highest in demand.

Like a jet plane it roared inside me,
I felt the onset of the Light,
Shooting me out of my bed,
All the world had now turned bright.

Time stood still,
Space and time were no more,
Objects flowed freely,
I had finally opened the door.

O serpent rising,
Filling me with light,
Awakening within,
Feeling the might.

I'm no longer normal,
I'm Spiritually transformed,
My world no longer binds me,
From the inside I'm adorned.


Serpent Rising-Act III

I walked through dirt,
The mind impure,
I sought the beauty of Heaven,
It became my only cure.

Riders through the void,
Darkness has destroyed,
I've been torn to pieces,
Reassembled, better than before.

Fallen off the cross,
Of the four Elements,
Raised to glory heights, 
Strong enough to take the fight.

This too we must endure,
Be brave it shall pass,
The snake must do its thing,
Have faith and break the glass.


Serpent Rising-Act IV

Go inside the mirror,
Of your true Soul,
Go inside the mirror,
And take control.

You will find the balance,
You will find the light,
Everlasting, Deep,
In glory, take the flight.

You're cleaved in the Sun's fire,
Your metal is strong,
Your moment approaches,
It won't be long.

Free the spine,
Let the energy flow,
Engulfing the brain,
Be patient, take it slow.


Serpent Rising-Act V

Fill your head with Light,
Connect the powers,
The planets carry might,
Become towers.

The legend is true,
We're Beings mighty and great.
The myths are Real,
I've stepped through the Gate.

Open your eyes,
Cleanse your Soul,
The path is laid straight,
You're taking control.

This is your destiny,
Evolution takes its course,
Meditate, Be patient,
This you cannot Force.

My hands are limber,
My legs connected, they feel numb,
A halo of fire,
This I must succumb.


Serpent Rising-Act IV

Above my head,
While my heart burns deep,
Below I stand,
On Heavens glory heap.

With wings of flight,
And the helmet I bear,
Raising the Soul,
With every stare.

With the aid of the Elements,
We carry Thought through the Void,
Energy expanding,
By the Trident I'm destroyed.

The fire is threefold,
The secret is no more,
The fire is Astral,
In the Magick lies the door.


Serpent Rising-Act VII

Enter the Door,
Let the Rabbit take you in,
Follow his footsteps,
Abolish all sin.

This is the future,
The future is now,
The Earth shifts slowly,
Connected to sound.

Change the vibration,
Go through the levels,
Listen to your guide,
Amplify the treble.

Change the vibration,
Enter the Fourth Dimension,
You're in a dream,
The door has opened.


Serpent Rising-Act VIII

Glory of the roar,
As I am lifted off the ground,
Like a lightning bolt,
With a jet plane sound.

Relax when it comes,
The experience is sweet,
Be still as it comes,
Enter the Deep.

The void of darkness,
Above every head,
The place of fruits and happiness,
Nothing more can be said.

You must see for yourself,
Read the intellectual books,
This can't be described,
See everywhere with your looks.

Take control of the body,
In your voice is the truth,
The wisdom within You,
Holy oceans you will surf.


Serpent Rising-Act IX

Your mind will be free,
Like the wind it will soar,
To unimaginable heights,
To the Earth's deep core.

The understanding comes,
Illusion goes away,
The Spirit pours in,
You are blessed this day.

Energy vortex of complexion,
You we understand,
The depths of space before us,
Angels for the band.

The Love is before All,
In Love we lose ourselves,
Love is kind and never angry,
Time to restock the shelves.


Serpent Rising-Act x

It's true,
I died young,
I was reborn,
While the killer bees stung.

They can't control me,
I am set free,
With the thunderbolt of Zeus,
Through Heavens I can see.

The Stars are our guides,
Filling the night sky,
We deplore our Chakras open,
Let me out, I want to fly.

I fly in my chariot,
I balance the Forces,
The Glory of the mighty,
Has arduous courses.

The end is the same though,
Limitless, unending,
We must all tread the path,
This message I am sending.

It can get ugly,
But you must be strong,
It will get ugly,
Hang on, It won't be long.


Serpent Rising-Act xI

The secret is out,
Society dissolves,
Retribution awaits,
Nature's course flows.

You can't avoid it,
Let the snake find you,
Hiding in the closet,
On the path of the Moon.

The numbers are true,
Time has unfolded on itself,
Follow the symbols,
Become the Elf.

With a strong footing,
Your foundation is strong,
You're on the journey,
Arduous and long.

Follow the Angels,
As they guide you through the mind,
Their wings take flight,
Their secrets you'll find.


I Will

They said I couldn't do it,
They said that I would fail,
Every single day they knocked me down,
But in the end I would prevail.

I'd bring down the lighting,
Attack on all sides deep,
Through the depths of darkness,
In the shadows I would creep.

With the strength of Thor,
I'll take you for a ride,
In the ocean of consciousness,
I was born and I will die.



The battles I have fought,
The tribulations I've endured,
Through those shadowed paths,
I was carefully allured.

There I met my shadow,
In the waters of the deep,
Where the rivers all joined,
Glory mountains, very steep.

He asked me about my travels,
He carried me inside,
Where all was light crystal clear,
And all of Hell had just died.

I've been resurrected,
Now I'm summoned,
To help deliver the final blow.

I've been resurrected,
Now I'm summoned,
To walk the path, and help the flow.

You gotta want to live the life,
You gotta want to see it glow,
I'll make a final change for the better,
Cause what I reap is what I sow.


Lies that Cry

The might of our society,
Lies deep in mud and treachery,
We're pawns with our heads held high,
We laugh at times, but forever we cry.

Our hearts are swept in sorrow,
As we are propelled towards tomorrow,
Thinking we are really free,
Letting go, leaving be.

The truth is we are let down,
By those we trusted with the Crown,
We put our trust in their hands,
While they washed blood as our number one fans.

Making money, getting rich,
Holding back, playing the snitch,
Set a mousetrap, make it strong,
This is where we truly belong.

We need to open our minds and think,
So I have come to rhyme and to sing,
A tale as old as time, long overdue,
To bring the Fire, and set it true.


March of the Killer Bees

In the silence,
When all is void,
Killer bees came on the rainbow,
All is perfect,
The bees have killed my body,
I am lifeless,
Yet all of life is inside me,
In the honey of the Sun,
The Moon is my domain,
In the honey of the Sun,
Infinitely expanded.



I was scared,
Shook up Inside,
Something beautiful had happened,
Finally I had died.

I wanted it All,
I had no control,
To satisfy my senses,
Was my only goal.

But the pain was deep,
Happiness was sorrow,
I lived day to day,
With no hope for tomorrow.

I knew I needed a change,
I knew I had to die,
I want out, let me breathe,
The Spirit's burning me inside.

The guilt and pain,
Too much to bare,
I have to choose,
The time has come to take the dare.

Space Unfolding

I believe in truth,
And within I see,
All of space unfold before me,
Let me go, leave me be.

I travel swiftly,
Through space and time,
I visit great lands,
I fly through the sky.

I am a beam of Light,
In my heart is the Sun
I'm perfected, resurrected,
All is perfect, all is fun.



Piercing the Infinite

I cry,
I hurt,
I am dangerous,
Leave me be.

In the sorrow,
My love burns deep,
Tonight, tomorrow,
Lucidity awaits.

I will see myself,
The legends are true,
I will look within,
You're the mortar I'm the glue.

Birds are singing,
There's a parade on the street,
In the mind,
Glorious and deep.

Open the mind,
Open the mind,
Open the mind and find time.



Expansion, Contraction,
Breath gives glamorous flight,
Our Souls burn deeply,
Brilliantly bright.

This is your destiny,
This is your destiny,
Who you are is the Light,

She sits next to me,
She's sitting right next to me,
This world now finally feels right.

We are beyond the grave,
We are the Children of God,
Our potentials are great,
In Heaven we are found.

We're children without end,
We're mighty and Great,
We're large as Heaven itself,
Evolution is our only fate.



We're all sparks from the Sun's Light,
We're born of Heaven, but bred to fight.
We fight to strive in this here world,
Our appetite is great, watch our destiny unfold.

With Inner peace in our hearts,
Our desire is diminished,
If we focus on what counts in life,
Our mission here will be finished.

Our ego stands to protect us,
But the language is confusing,
Out of the pit of darkness he watches us,
His horns run deep, red blood he is oozing.

We call him by many names,
He's the evil one of the books,
He's contained in the mind,
He expands with evil looks.

Out of the mind, we find our hearts,
The fire deep within, limitless, unending,
Energy manifesting through space,
Through the Aethyrs, information sending.

Our Chakras are the mind fuel,
The vibration of our Soul,
If we master the Elements,
We'll finally have control.


Ride the Snake

Hold the snake, by its hand,
Don't let it go into the sand.

See it swirl, see it squirm,
It wants to run away, hold it firm.

Feel its scales, feel their cold,
Ask the snake for the world to unfold.

Open your eyes and finally see,
Open your eyes for you are now free.

Thank the snake, your leader and guide,
He made it possible for you to find,

The World..........Innocent and Pure,
The World..........Spirit's final Cure. 



I saw Heaven,
And it felt Great.
I walked a mountain,
Till I was deadweight.
There's no tomorrow,
There's only rain.
There's only sorrow,
What are we to gain.
Light, Light, Light
Is what is bright.


The Path of Redemption

Lonely nights I've tread this path,
Lonely nights we felt his wrath.
He stabbed deep, took prisoners too,
It didn't matter if you were Pagan, Christian or Jew.

Sweet, sweet tomorrow,
Don't bring me sorrow,
Let the sun pour his rays over me,
Set me straight and let me see.

We all felt the pain of mortality.
The Self felt drawn to the fatality.
Now we see, we are finally found,
Prior to our redemption we made the sound.


“Fools of Gold” by Tat

Fools of Gold,
Finally bold,
Getting old, controlled,
Saying it wasn't our fault.

As we stood up, bloody still,
After we had enough, had our fill.
We are mighty, great Souls at that,
We run straight, walk the path of Tat.

His redemption, his words of command,
Is the path for us to understand.

Fools of Gold,
I am Tat,
I walked by, and finally sat,
On the walls of Heaven where I assumed command,
This was more than I could finally stand.

I found the Glory,
I found the right,
I found the sky,
With all of its might.

I am Tat, this is my first book,
Pause still, there's power in the look.


The Twelve Riders

The riders were on the horizon,
There was no Light, only fright,
They walked by,
Settled still, ran by, had their fill.

We knew we were true,
We walked the path of the Fool.
This was air, the fire was strong,
Its depth grew, it didn't take long.

To feel the sorrow of tomorrow,
The pain is there,
To feel the sorrow of tomorrow,
She glanced a stare.

Her heart was rest and I knew,
Yet again I walked the path of the Fool.

Riders who are twelve,
Your power is real,
Riders who breathe,
Talk of Heaven's valiant steed.

He comes in glory,
He comes to delve,
He is the answer,
Like the other twelve.


Truth is Hollow

Truth is hollow,
With no hope for tomorrow.
Burning bread, playing a chase,
Walking upright, heavy and dazed.

A shot to the stomach,
Poison for the senses,
I'm scared straight,
The fight commences.

There is no hope in sight,
The wars we've fought and won,
We lied and we cheated,
We smiled and said Tres Bon.

Our song was found in the lyrics,
There's a fight to be had,
We must command, properly understand,
We were lied to, they were bad.

Every day they tell a lie,
Every day we get taken for a ride,
We say we are good, all lies will vanish,
We look to him, in him we confide.

The dove flies in the sky,
The clouds open and shine time.
Space unfolds, the depth of darkness,
In Hell we finally find.

Depth of space,
Satan's embrace,
Purgatory is for the final race.

We start up,
We open the door,
Lay within like never before.

Dark forests, Beings of the mind,
Caressing one another deeply,
Holding on, for the big surrender,
Of Heaven's deep and awful space.

We are free now,
We are free now,
We are free now.



In nature we get our fill,
In nature we find our thrill.

We see with our eyes,
Our Soul brings Light,
Down below in darkness,
We must make it right.

We tread the path of Glory,
We set our course straight,
We wish to be merry,
We long to be great.


Battle of the Titans

In the midst of the desert,
The lion lies still,
He waits for his pray,
He waits for his fill.

The serpent survives,
He bites the lion on his paw,
Raises himself upright,
Locks in the jaw.

The battle is scary,
It won't last long,
In Hell's dust heap,
These Titans belong.


Dreaded Visit From Above

You know that I look at you,
From morning to night,
I see you look back at me,
Filled with sorrow and fright.

You're born from my marrow,
In you I lose my heart,
Don't fear, the path is before us,
Don't panic, play it smart.

I want no forgiveness,
I lost all my pride,
In Heavenly circles,
I grew up and I had died.

I know that you fear me,
Fallen Angel from the sky,
You wish I wasn't there,
You wish that I would die.

Oh Lucifer!! Light of the Morning Star,
You are our shadow,
Without you we won't go far.


Temple of the Beast

In the solid rock of fate,
The lion trembles with disgrace,
He lost the great battle,
Became knower of the days.

He took to a journey,
Inside the mind,
He fought with the Dweller,
Inside he died.

His limbs were torn apart,
His body became bread,
In glorious feat of strength,
With the Scarlet he was wed.

He found his expression,
The Light carried him inside,
Glorious light beams,
In Heaven you find.

There's seven in number,
Like the days of the week,
There's four in disguise,
Crafted with the eagle's beak.

In Spirit we soar,
Through time we fly,
While those underneath,
Embellish and cry.

Glory of the sword,
Michael adorned,
Went to the Underworld,
He was given the Code.

Of family matters,
We're here as reflections,
Connected together,
Making inspections.

The one who is in charge,
Is the Dweller of the night,
Waiting patiently,
To take away our Light.

We are free Beings,
Limitless, expanding,
Waiting for your turn,
Violently demanding.

Take no for an answer,
Be true to the faith,
Knock on the door,
Raise up and be great.

Take in the breath,
Open your heart's chamber,
Release the serpent,
Beware of danger.

This is something secret,
But we know it to be true,
We are the Children of Light,
Bred of pure Spirit, true and through.

Promethean Fire

Like the fire of Prometheus,
The mind's hollow tube,
Inside the waters,
You'll find your tomb.

We must be limber,
Enter the darkness of space,
Defeat our Shadow,
Find our own Grace.

In this there is Glory,
What you are looking for,
Whether lonely forever,
Whether rich or poor.

The signs are apparent,
Intuition grows strong,
Find the imagination,
Be brave it won't be long.





In the world of the mind,
They defy time,
Heavenly grime,
Inside I found,
The laws of the Universe,
Undying, mental,
Energy awakened,
Divinely accidental,
I opened to a world,
Without limits, ecstatic,
A world of dreams,
Imaginative, systematic.
I'm no longer asleep,
I'm awakened from my slumber,
Due to the nature of the beast,
I bring the power of Thunder.
King of all Kings,
God of all Gods,
You I embrace,
Against all odds.
I expand, four parts divide,
Inside the spirit,
The air of air,
Mind what you think,
Divide and be fair.
Ravenous fright,
All power and might,
All of the fight,
Over something so bright,
Whose rays illumine,
The sky and the ground,
We need to look within,
For this reason we found,
The Dweller of Space,
Darkness embrace,
Leading forward,
Winning the race,
Saving their face,
By telling a lie,
Holding the secret,
That thou must perish and die,
Be burned in the fire,
Blasphemous Desire,
Found in the stomach,
Hells deep pit,
Holding the bosom,
Minding the tit,
Throwing a fit,
When we don't get our way,
Losing the reigns,
Of Charriot Bay.


Gates of Dawn

They patiently wait,
For the cycle to end,
They embrace time,
The gates they bend.

They're Stars of flight,
With wings of glory,
They weigh time,
To tell our story.

We're Beings of gold,
Our Souls are pure,
We trek through Heaven,
We hold the cure.

To pain and suffering,
Our Souls are stained,
Through our selfishness,
There's nothing to gain.

So choose the path,
And walk it straight,
Open your eyes,
And enter the Gate.


Stars in Heaven

The fire that grows within,
Kindles my soul,
It burns, it sings.
I know that Heaven is real,
Through you, I cry, I feel.
My baby, forever you're mine,
With you in my heart,
I know I'm fine.

Together, we're stars in heaven
I call you God,
While I am Neven.
We are Immortal,
We are the Children of God,
I carry the sceptre,
I uplift the rod.

The sound of midnight,
Inside my heart,
Forever unborn,
Swift like a dart.
Igniting the flame,
My wretched being,
Lies in disgust,
As you are fleeing.


Coming Back

I'm coming back stronger,
I'm staying here longer,
Till all hear my story,
Of Heaven's mighty glory,
I was held down, till I heard a sound,
Whispering closely, come with me, it is time,
I went in and found,
All of life's problems,
All the pain and hunger,
Solving the riddle,
Bringing the thunder,
Let the Bolt of Zeus strike me,
Open all the channels,
Connect them together,
Smash all the panels,
Amplify the treble,
Let me unfold all my being,
Let me bring the peace and war,
Let me help them find the balance,
I want to go straight through the hole,
And find the Rabbit,
Look him in the eye,
Ask him a question,
"Who are you Rabbit man?" 


The First Day

The first day,
He came and he went,
He showed his face,
But the light was too strong,
A glimpse of hope,
For my wretched soul,
I knew inside,
I was losing control,
I want to see him,
Up close and personal,
To hear his voice,
To know his name,
I want to know him,
For he is me.


True Love- Act 1

When I first met you,
My heart paused for a second.
I saw the light,
Infinity beckoned.

Rays of light poured into my soul,
In that split second, I lost all control.

I beheld myself twenty years in the future,
I saw you beside me, I felt your nurture.

Your eyes peered into me, 
Your smile poured deep in my heart,
Cupid sat on your shoulder,
And hit me with his Dart.

You said nothing, 
The second had passed,
You gave me your name, 
While my inspiration danced.

I found my boo, I found my future wife,
I found my new high, there will be no strife.

That second had passed,
We exchanged a hug,
I knew everything about you,
You became my only drug.


True Love- Act 2

No storm will keep me from you,
We've been apart for too long,
Our Souls bonded together,
While our love for each other grew.

Years had passed,
I sought you in my heart,
I found you in music, 
In movies, in art.

You eluded me for too long,
But I knew you were there,
Miles apart yet connected,
I always sought your care.

Thirty years had passed,
And Heavens finally gave gift,
An Angel came down from Heaven,
Said my transformation would be swift.

I met you in Target, 
In a city beside mine,
I beheld your form finally,
In my arms now you'd shine.

It took too long,
But the journey was worth it,
We are finally together,
Now on my throne I can sit.



Who I am, is not who I will be.
Where I stand, I will be moved to greater heights.

It is not my process of Being, but one of Becoming.
The Fire is Spirit in disguise.
The pain is transmutation of my karma.
The love grows at every corner.

The Self will never die as it was never born.
But the process of shedding will make me a man of Strength, a Superman.


Starseed Child

I am found in fire,
I am found in rain,
Only my immortality,
I am to gain.

I'm losing control,
My Ego burns away.
Through my heart ,
Is pierced the Divine Cosmic Ray.

I don't live to talk,
I live to guide,
The threefold flame,
Is my chariot ride.

A Being of Light,
A hero in the world.
To live like the Christ,
I have learned.

Cleaved in the Underworld,
My sword is strong,
I've been beaten,
I've been wronged.

You cannot destroy me,
Only I can do that,
To open the door,
I will be your mat.

Hermes, Christ,
Horus, Dionysus.
Aphrodite, Mary,
Ishtar and Isis.

Powers that be,
Powers that are,
In combinations of strength,
Our Selves go near and Far.


Space Traveler

On day One, I saw the Light
Bathed in it, immersed completely.

On day Two, I came back down to Earth,
Transformed consciousness, Cosmic,
Ready to take up the sceptre,
Ready to teach the masses, to lead them,
Towards the ineffable Word I learned.

On day Three, I became one with the Elements,
They became my body, as my consciousness danced in their vibration,
I saw past duality, I saw past the material, I was in the Zone,
I was pure Spirit,

On day Seven I became one with the Planets,
Expanded my Being to the outermost reaches of our Solar System,
The night stars became my beacon,
Energy was all that I saw,
I saw myself as a witness of All.

On day Twelve, the Stars took me inside themselves,
I beheld the past, present and future,
All at the same time,
In the blink of the eye,
I saw it All.

What am I?
Who am I?
Clearly I am not the body.
Clearly I am the Eternal Spirit,
But where are my bounds?
How far do I reach?

On day Thirty two, I was absorbed back in the All,
I saw my life, my countless lives,
From time immemorial, to the present moment,
I saw it all and beheld Eternity,
Again in the blink of an eye.

My form was no more,
Color was no more,
Sound became distant,
All desire suspended,
I was one with the All.

On day one hundred and one, I woke up,
Inside a different galaxy,
Inhabiting a different body,
Consciousness absorbed,
I looked at my hands, mesmerized.



Time will pass, Pain will wash away,
The Ego will be subdued, The Spirit is here to stay.

I rise to glory heights, The sword is my weapon,
Like the morning dew, A body double step-in.

Rapture of the Cosmos, Time and Space no more,
The glow of Light within me, I've opened Heaven's Door.


Power of the Serpent

I come with the power of Light,
I come to take you away,
Into the depths of the mind,
Into the Astral realm’s play.

I hiss inside like a snake,
I climb up your back with might,
Entering your brain with power,
Ending duality's fight.

Your mind is open now,
Your Spirit is stronger than ever,
Filled with wisdom and understanding,
You've ended reality's tremor.

Oh virtuous serpent,
Take me to Heaven tonight,
Oh beautiful snake,
Let me be One with the Light.

Transform my body, transform my soul,
Transform my mind, make me whole.

Transform my world, transform my Life,
Resurrect my Spirit, end my strife.

Ja Sanjam (Serbo-Croatian)

Ja sanjam da sam osoba velika,
Ja sanjam da sam stvoren od celika.

Ja sanjam da me Sveti Duh vodi,
Ogroman, Sve prebrodi.

Materialisma vise nema,
Iluzija, nevazna tema.

Ja sanjam da sam osoba velika,
Ja sanjam da sam stvoren od celika.