Spiritual Coaching Sessions

For the first time, I am offering Spiritual Coaching Sessions over Skype, in-person, or by phone. Over the past 15 years (since I have had the Kundalini awakening), I have helped numerous individuals through Spiritual coaching and helping direct the course of their Spiritual journeys. To this day, I get the random phone or social media messages from people I helped in the past, thanking me for being there for them when they needed Spiritual guidance.

You see, It is easy to be on the wrong path when it comes to Spiritual evolution (or to not be on that path at all), and having the right advice in this area can make the difference between living a happy life and tapping into your highest potential, or living blindly with the wrong priorities and not knowing what your purpose is. We have all been there, and it sucks. But you deserve to be happy (and your Creator wants this for you), but to get there, you might need some help from the right people who have experience in this area.

We all have a purpose in this lifetime, and we all deserve to live the life we always dreamed of. To find that purpose, though, you have to get on track with your Spiritual growth. Only by being in touch with the Soul and the Spirit will you attract the right energy into your life that will allow you to manifest the reality that will give you lasting happiness and abundance. If you neglect the Spiritual part of your reality, your Ego desires will take over, and you will invariably manifest a reality for yourself that will make you miserable. Personal inner sadness is a sign that you have lost touch with your Soul since that negative energy of despair is what your Soul is projecting to you to let you know that you need to tend to it more. Just focusing on your Ego and your physical body will not bring you lasting happiness, even if you have millions of dollars in the bank.

How many times have you seen your favourite actors, musicians, and other celebrities that fall apart and turn to drugs and alcohol, ruining their lives even more, because of an inner sadness that they can't explain or fix? They have all the fame, money, and status that a person could ever want, but they are not happy, and they can't figure out why that is. I am here to tell you that money cannot buy happiness but being on track with your Spiritual life can. It is the only thing that can yield Eternal happiness since very simply; the Spirit is Eternal. You are a part of Spirit, and your Soul is a part of this vast Universe that has no beginning and no end. Once you can bring the vibration of your consciousness to the level of the Spirit, then all the Spiritual riches that await you on the other side will already be present in your life. You will be able to remake yourself entirely; to get that career you always wanted, the right romantic relationship you deserve, to better your relationships with friends and family, to manifest money and abundance, and best of all find that happiness that you lost as a child when you lost your innocence.

In a nutshell, this is what my purpose is in your life, once you petition me for this service I am offering. I have extensive experience in the Spiritual field, and I want you to use my connection with my Higher Self to help you get in touch with yours. After all, there is but one Creator, and it created us both equally. And my Higher Self is of the same energy Source as your Higher Self; thus the advice I can channel to you will work wonders for you to get you back on track Spiritually. My methods have been tried, tested, and true over the past 15 years with every person I have helped Spiritually. And as mentioned, there have been many.

Once you get me on your wavelength (over Skype, in-person, or even by phone), by listening to you speak and convey your challenges and difficulties, I will integrate the vibration of your consciousness into mine, so that I can obtain a correct diagnosis. It is one of my "superpowers" if you want to call it that, courtesy of the Kundalini energy I awakened some 15 years ago. It enables me to "step' "into your Aura and align my consciousness with yours so that I can know what you need to work on and fix so that you are balanced out and in tune with your Higher Self. I do want to point out that my connection with you is much better in person if I have you right in front of me. Through Skype as well, I can gauge your body language, to tune into who you are as a person. Lastly, over the phone, I can tune into your vibration through your speech, but the initial assessment I would prefer to do in person or over Skype since I want you to get the most from my Spiritual abilities.

I believe in my heart and Soul that I can help you find the happiness you seek and get you on the right track so that you can continue to evolve in mind, body, Spirit, and Soul. I want you to be the best version of "You" possible and to find your purpose in this lifetime. I want you to discover who you are deep inside since that person can work wonders if you but take the time to get in touch with your inner, Higher Self.

The purpose then of our one-on-one sessions is to help you rediscover something that you may have lost, and that is the connection to your Soul and Spirit. And if you feel you are already connected to your Soul and Spirit, then I will show you areas where you can strengthen that connection and raise the vibration of your consciousness even more. If you are among those individuals that need specific help from me, such as if you are living with awakened Kundalini and need guidance in this area, or want some one-on-one mentoring in Ceremonial Magick, then I will do what you ask of me to help you. Like I said, my goal is to help you advance Spiritually, so whatever you need, I am there to help you. It is my job, my solemn duty, to get you to keep moving forward on your Spiritual journey in the most optimal way possible.

Spiritual Healing Sessions

As you may know, your consciousness is a direct result of the energy in your Aura, which is a direct result of the vibration of your Chakras. Since my experience in the field of energy and Chakras is extensive, I can ascertain which of your Chakras are out of balance and which Chakras you need to work on to get your energy system in balance. As mentioned, this diagnosis is best obtained with an in-person talk session or over Skype. If you already know how to work with your Chakras, then this next step may not be for you, but if you don't, I have other services that I am offering in this regard.

As you may know, Ceremonial Magick practice is the most efficient way to work with your Chakras, which is why this is the first book that I wrote (The Magus: Discovering Your Higher Self), since I wanted to give you the keys to working with your Chakras and evolving Spiritually. If you already have a copy of it and have undertaken the Spiritual Alchemy process in it, then you are already Light-years ahead of other people who are not on the path, and for that I commend you. People who have undertaken the Spiritual Alchemy methods in The Magus are well on their way to Spiritual Enlightenment.

If you have still not gotten a copy of The Magus and would instead prefer on me working with you, then apart from one-on-one in-person or Skype coaching sessions, I offer personal sessions with either Tuning Fork Sound Therapy or Crystal Healing. Through either of these two methods, I will work on balancing out your Chakras, which will align you with the Spirit naturally and without any real conscious effort on your part. Since I need to work on your energy field (Aura), these two services are only offered in-person.

Both Tuning Fork Sound Therapy and Crystal Healing sessions will add positive energy to your day as both practices are geared towards balancing out your Chakras and raising your consciousness. The Tuning Forks I like to work with are the three sets called the Solar Harmonic Spectrum Tuning Forks, the Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks, and Chakra Tuning Forks (including Soul Purpose). The Crystals I like to work with are of various colours and vibrations pertaining to the 7 Chakras. In one of these Crystal healing sessions, I will work with different stones pertaining to each Chakra, starting from Muladhara Chakra at the bottom, and moving gradually all the way up to the top Chakra, Sahasrara. By working on each Chakra, your energy system will balance out, and your consciousness will be heightened. It is not uncommon to feel spacey, elated, and otherwise "high" after a Spiritual healing session, the effect of which can last for a few hours, or a day, or even up to three days.

To get in touch with me, you can email me at nevenpaar@gmail.com or find me on Skype under my nevenpaar@hotmail.com account. My rates are 50$ per hour for Spiritual Coaching, and 50$ per 20-minute session with Tuning Fork Sound Therapy or Crystal Healing. If you want to extend the healing session to an hour, it will be 100$ per session.

Have a blessed day,

Neven Paar


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