Love and Respect Yourself First and Most of All

This life lesson may seem egotistical on the surface, but it is not. Allow me to explain. If you do not love yourself, then you cannot love other people in a healthy way. Your love will come with attachment and expectations. This goes hand in hand with what I said in an earlier lesson, which is to be good and do good deeds towards others but to not overdo it. People that overdo it are oftentimes the same people who do not love themselves enough and their constant giving to others is trying to compensate for self-love. These people need approval from others so that they can love themselves. It is just matter of time before they feel let down and disappointed that others are not reciprocating in the same way as them. In reality, other people can feel when we don’t love ourselves enough. Conversely, when you love and respect yourself, other people will feel your inner power and your good deeds towards them will be more noticed. Loving and respecting yourself is very attractive to other people.


Tough Times don't Last, Tough People Do

This is saying in our society that is important when encountering hard times. Sometimes you find yourself in a tough situation in your life that truly challenges you on every level. Very often, it seems there is no solution to your problems and that you cannot overcome whatever challenges you are encountering. In these situations it is most important to maintain composure at all cost, and to stay strong. Do not let the fear of failure take you over but be persistent and determined that you can get through it. Remember always that after the night, the dawn always comes. This means that every tough situation has a beginning and an end but your attitude about how you deal with tough situations will persist the test of time. Your attitude comes from the strength of your mind and heart and the Universe will challenge both many times in our lives. Therefore accept the challenges and overcome them and you will be walking the path of the Spiritual warrior. Your Spirit can conquer all.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

This quote is from Mahatma Gandhi, and it is so powerful that I had to include it. I personally have always tried to live by upholding this principle of change and whenever I disliked something I saw in the world, I tried to change the part of me that made me see the way I did. I used to see people as evil, mean, angry, and bad, and realized that it was only parts of myself that I saw in them. Once I overcame those parts of Self, I saw people as loving, caring, patient, and good. I always took responsibility for my own emotions and perceptions and did not impose them on others. If I saw I was not in a good place and was projecting negativity onto others, I worked on myself until I saw the good in people. This process of transformation and Self-development is a lifetime endeavour. It enables you to see the truth behind your own perceptions and overcome the Ego and its judgments. It allows you to stay in Light and Love and constantly take responsibility for your own actions as well as your own Spiritual Evolution.

What you Put Into the Universe, the Universe will Give Back to You

It is very important to understand how the Universe works, if you want to get the most out of life. Do not expect that the Universe will just give you its blessings while you are not putting anything positive into it. If you treat other people with love and respect, follow your dreams, and are persistent to succeed in life, then the Universe will recognize this and give you its blessings. If you are mean to other people, lie to them, manipulate them, and are sitting at home doing nothing to further your Spiritual evolution, the Universe will give you nothing back. The Universal energy works to give love back to those that share love. When we speak the truth, the Universe respects us. When we work hard, the Universe rewards us. Always generate good Karma for yourself and the Universe will give you exactly what you want in life. And if you don't, you have no one to blame but yourself.

You Cannot Make Another Person Happy in a Romantic Relationship

Most people get this concept wrong because they have a very idealized version of what a romantic relationship is and how they should conduct themselves while in one. They think that their partner's happiness is a direct result of their own actions but this is simply not the case. You can make a person smile and make them feel good but if they are happy or not is something that is totally out of your own control. You are a completely different entity from your partner on a completely different and separate Spiritual journey. You have chosen to walk together on your life's paths but your Spiritual journeys will always remain separate. Your happiness is a result of how fulfilled you are on your Spiritual journey and not something your partner is doing or not doing while you walk your paths together. Therefore you need to take responsibility for your own Spiritual journey, and find happiness within yourself instead of projecting this responsibility onto your partner. They will never be able to accomplish that which you can only accomplish within yourself.


Feel the Fear and go Through it

Fear is oftentimes an opportunity for growth in some area of your life. Take on life challenges, even if they come with some level of fear. The fear is usually a fear of failure. You are better to have tried and failed then to never have tried at all. This way, if you do fail at something, you can learn from it, get back on your feet, and try again. True success in life is not based on trying something and making it, but by constantly having the fortitude to get back on your feet and try again. You will inevitably make it if you keep trying and are persistent and determined to succeed.

Always be Congruent With Your Actions

Being congruent with your actions falls in line with following through and being committed to whatever action you choose to perform. People that start something and then stop because they psyched themselves out in some way are people who don't make it far in life. Being congruent with your actions means to speak your mind at all times and to say what you mean and mean what you say. This means to never lie, since to lie you are not being congruent with your actions, since your mind means one thing and your actions another. Let yourself always speak what is in your heart and what is on your mind. And when you have committed yourself to an act, then go through with it always. If  your heart and mind are in balance and leading the body, your actions will in agreement and harmony with all parts of Self. People who show purpose in their actions are ones who achieve lasting success in all areas in life.

Whatever You Do, Always Stay Inspired

Being inspired literally means to be In-Spirit. It means to connect to the highest part of us, the part that is of the Divine, and to allow that energy to guide us. When we are inspired, we can accomplish anything. No task is too hard and no feat impossible. In fact, when we are inspired, anything is possible. Therefore, look for what makes you inspired and work on making that thing the biggest part of your life. It helps to be inspired by things you can control, such as something from your inner reality. Making other people the source of your happiness and inspiration may work on a short-term basis but you will find that this is a source that you cannot control. You can't control other people and you should not try to. People spend too much time looking for inspiration in romantic relationships and too often I see them being disappointed. Instead, look for inspiration in your hobbies, in music, in creative expressions, and in things that you connect with yourself, not something external.

When You Truly Love Someone, Be Prepared to Let Them Go

We fall in love and naturally get attached. After a while, we even say to ourselves that we cannot live without this person. In actuality, this is not true and we are setting ourselves up for failure with this kind of thinking. More often than not, the love fizzles out and we are left back at square one. Then we are sad and disappointed and we stop being inspired because we allowed the other person to fill a void within us, instead of filling that void with love we have for ourselves. Instead, if we love people in a way that we are happy with them in our life, and are also aware that we are happy without them, which only comes from loving ourselves first, then we are loving them in a detached way. This is a higher form of love, the unconditional kind, which allows us to be ourselves. In this way, having our partner in our life is a bonus and not the sole purpose of our existence. Consequently, in this scenario, the other person will feel it too, and they will be more attracted to us, which will result in a longer-term relationship. People are attracted to people who love themselves.

If Someone Wrongs you, Call Them Out on it

Allowing evil to go unpunished makes you an accomplice of evil. Therefore, you need to correct all wrongs as they are happening. It is our duty as Beings of Light to preserve the integrity of that Light by adhering to higher principles and ethical behaviour. If we falter from this path, it is our duty to check ourselves and get back on it. It is also the duty we have towards other people to call them out every time they do a wrong deed towards us or other people. This way, you are exercising your willpower and embracing confrontation instead of avoiding it. This is why you must always tell the Truth and treat others with respect. Because when they don't return the favour, you can call them out on it. This way, we are constantly being teachers to others so that they can also get on the right path too. We are all here to learn from each other and sometimes confrontation is necessary.

When We Allow Our Inner Light to Shine, We are Inspiring Others to do the Same

One of the Laws of Light and Love is that when you share this positive energy with others, you inspire them to do the same. When we are being ourselves, we are joyful, happy, and inspired. If we decide to share this positivity with others, we are subconsciously giving them the permission to be themselves also. They take on the Light and Love energy like in a game of tag and become inspired to tag other people as well. This need to imitate the behavior of others is something embedded in us by our Creator. Consequently, by being negative and Egocentric, we are also triggering that same kind of behaviour in other people. Therefore, the weight of Karma from being negative around other people is heavier than its weight by being negative when we are alone.

Do Good Deeds for Other People but do not Overdo it

Never keep continuously feeding other people love energy, while not getting anything in return. By doing so, you are setting yourself up for failure. Allow me to explain. By constantly giving to others, you are subliminally setting the bar for what you expect in return. It happens subconsciously and most of the time, you have no control over it. In this way, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and hurt if they do not reciprocate. Channel Light and Love in a healthy way, but do not allow other people to take advantage of you. Give just enough so that you do not expect anything back and that if you don't receive anything back, you will not feel taken advantage of. You have to find a good balance between giving love to others and yourself.

The Path of Enlightenment Requires Balance in Mind, Body, and Soul

Most people spend their lives either embracing the Ego or the Higher Self. By giving to one part of the Self, be careful not go neglect the other. Your Ego is a part of you. It is your body. It has a place in this reality, the same as your mind, your logical thinking, and your emotions. Your Soul and Spirit are part of you too. They form your Higher Self. You need to balance out all of parts of Self and satisfy all of them. Give your body what it needs to sustain itself. It wants food, sleep, sex, and to relax sometimes, therefore give it that. Give your mind mental stimulation when it needs it. Read a book. Learn a new hobby. Use your mind in a healthy way to make logical decisions in life based on things that are long-term goals. Also, feed your Soul and Spirit with activities that satisfy the Higher Self. Fall in love. Mediate. Engage in creative activities. Always seek balance in all things, as balance is the true path of the Spiritualist and the journey towards Enlightenment.


Always be Yourself, no Matter What

In essence, who cares about what other people think of you? They do not walk in your skin, you do. Their opinions are based on what they recognize about themselves in you and nothing more. It is something you have no control over. Being yourself means to be free in mind, body, and Soul. Do not compromise this for anyone, ever. If you do, you will resent the person that took away your freedom to be yourself, and you will end up hating yourself for allowing yourself to lose your own freedom. Freedom to be yourself is the greatest gift from the Divine and it needs to be respected and honoured, always. With that token, do not try to take this freedom away from others either and always allow them and inspire them to be themselves.

Always Speak the Truth, no Matter What

This is your own Truth, how you see things. You should not be ashamed of who you are ever nor the Truth that is yours. We all have a different version of the Truth, depending on what kind of beliefs we have about life and ourselves. Be true to yourself and your own Truth no matter what. If others don't like it, it is their problem. When you speak the Truth, you walk in Light and Love. You connect to people's Souls right from the start and you maintain that connection as long as you speak the Truth. You also enlighten people about themselves as well as the world around them through speaking the Truth.


Do not Lie to People and Manipulate them

By lying to people and manipulating them, you are serving your Ego and Lower Self. Always treat others as you yourself want to be treated, with love and respect. As soon as you get into lying to other people and manipulating them for your own gain, you are creating bad Karma for yourself. You are no longer sharing Light but are in fact acting like an energy vampire. This means that you are just stealing their Light and using it to feed your Ego. This is a very demonic activity. You are actually clouding your Soul with negativity and separating yourself from it through this kind of behaviour, so don’t do it. As soon as you find yourself in a lie, or trying to manipulate someone, tell them the truth. You will be surprised how much other people will respect you for confessing the truth and you can get on the right track with them.

When You Fall Down, Always Get Back Up

Ask yourself if you are a winner or a loser. If you believe you are a winner, you need to adopt a winner's attitude. A winner is not content with being mediocre or average. A winner wants to be the best. A winner wants to win in every area of their life. Winning does not come easy. It requires hard work. Most of all, it requires strength of character and the ability to be determined, persistent, and thorough in whatever you pursue. Many times, you will attempt to do something and it will not work out how you anticipated or hoped for. A winner never gives up and allows themselves to be let down by life. Instead, they pick themselves up and try again. And try again. And try again. And in the end, they succeed. The heart of a winner is a light switch that never goes off. Winning is an attitude, most of all. Therefore, always remain positive and keep trying no matter what, and you will be a winner.

Always Check Your Emotions With a Dose of Logic and Reason

Your emotions can be of a higher or lower nature. When they are of a higher nature, they are based on Unconditional Love, while of a lower nature they are based on Self-love and involve the Ego and the body in some way. Sometimes, the Ego wants something that makes no logical sense and in fact is very destructive to your inner Self. When this happens, check yourself with logic and reason and convince yourself about why it is a bad idea. You need to become the kind of person that is able to curb your emotions if they are destructive and embrace your logic and reason. This is a big part of Spiritual growth and allowing your Higher Self to dominate over the Ego. People who only make emotional decisions do not make it far in life and they usually leave a chaotic trail behind them. They are generally people with low strength of character, driven by insecurities that they have about themselves. If you are constantly feeding some Ego desire and cannot allow your logical, rational Self to keep yourself in check, then you are not walking the path of Light. And as such, the Universe will not give you what you truly desire, but will in fact take away the objects of your desire so that you can eventually learn to overcome your lower emotions.

Forgive Yourself for Past Transgressions

You are not perfect, nor is anyone expecting you to be. You made mistakes and you will inevitably make more mistakes in the future. If you learned from those mistakes and you do your best to not make them again, then that is all that is required of you. This life is not to be taken so seriously that you guilt yourself over anything in the past and not allow yourself to move forward in life. As long as you follow the laws imposed by society and respect the people within those laws, then you are doing what is expected of you. If you made a mistake, apologize for it, and show remorse for your actions and learn from it. The other party will respect this. Depending on how severe your mistake is, you might have to pay for it in some way, but if you accept justice with an open heart and mind, you will maintain the integrity of your Soul.

Do not Take Life Too Seriously

Always give yourself the opportunity to be in the moment, in the Now, and enjoy life. After all, we are here to enjoy life, as well as to learn. This world is not real and our latest scientific discoveries support this. Matter is just empty space. Our bodies will die one day, but our Souls will continue to live, as energy cannot be destroyed and can only change state. Thus, the end of this life is the beginning of another. Therefore, life is this cyclic continuous journey. Sleep with a clear conscience, and find joy in the little things in life.