Always Check Your Emotions With a Dose of Logic and Reason

Your emotions can be of a higher or lower nature. When they are of a higher nature, they are based on Unconditional Love, while of a lower nature they are based on Self-love and involve the Ego and the body in some way. Sometimes, the Ego wants something that makes no logical sense and in fact is very destructive to your inner Self. When this happens, check yourself with logic and reason and convince yourself about why it is a bad idea. You need to become the kind of person that is able to curb your emotions if they are destructive and embrace your logic and reason. This is a big part of Spiritual growth and allowing your Higher Self to dominate over the Ego. People who only make emotional decisions do not make it far in life and they usually leave a chaotic trail behind them. They are generally people with low strength of character, driven by insecurities that they have about themselves. If you are constantly feeding some Ego desire and cannot allow your logical, rational Self to keep yourself in check, then you are not walking the path of Light. And as such, the Universe will not give you what you truly desire, but will in fact take away the objects of your desire so that you can eventually learn to overcome your lower emotions.