Love and Respect Yourself First and Most of All

This life lesson may seem egotistical on the surface, but it is not. Allow me to explain. If you do not love yourself, then you cannot love other people in a healthy way. Your love will come with attachment and expectations. This goes hand in hand with what I said in an earlier lesson, which is to be good and do good deeds towards others but to not overdo it. People that overdo it are oftentimes the same people who do not love themselves enough and their constant giving to others is trying to compensate for self-love. These people need approval from others so that they can love themselves. It is just matter of time before they feel let down and disappointed that others are not reciprocating in the same way as them. In reality, other people can feel when we don’t love ourselves enough. Conversely, when you love and respect yourself, other people will feel your inner power and your good deeds towards them will be more noticed. Loving and respecting yourself is very attractive to other people.