Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

This quote is from Mahatma Gandhi, and it is so powerful that I had to include it. I personally have always tried to live by upholding this principle of change and whenever I disliked something I saw in the world, I tried to change the part of me that made me see the way I did. I used to see people as evil, mean, angry, and bad, and realized that it was only parts of myself that I saw in them. Once I overcame those parts of Self, I saw people as loving, caring, patient, and good. I always took responsibility for my own emotions and perceptions and did not impose them on others. If I saw I was not in a good place and was projecting negativity onto others, I worked on myself until I saw the good in people. This process of transformation and Self-development is a lifetime endeavour. It enables you to see the truth behind your own perceptions and overcome the Ego and its judgments. It allows you to stay in Light and Love and constantly take responsibility for your own actions as well as your own Spiritual Evolution.