Follow Your Intuition and Your Gut with People

Always follow your intuition and your gut with people because this is the best way to tell whether people are lying to you or telling the truth. If someone is saying something, but your intuition is telling you otherwise and you just have this feeling of negativity in your gut, then that person is lying. It’s as simple as that. People lie. They just do. Some people are manipulators and some just tell white lies to get out of bad situations or to get what they want. You can tell who these people are in your life because whenever they talk, there is a part of you that is suspect of what they are saying. You just don’t trust them 100%, no matter how hard they try to convince you of something. What they say is not congruent with their energy. You need to be on the lookout for people like this and call them out on what you feel. See how they react. Usually, they will say anything to conceal the truth but keep calling them out. If they do not want to tell you the truth, just walk away. Sometimes that is the only choice.