If Someone Wrongs you, Call Them Out on it

Allowing evil to go unpunished makes you an accomplice of evil. Therefore, you need to correct all wrongs as they are happening. It is our duty as Beings of Light to preserve the integrity of that Light by adhering to higher principles and ethical behaviour. If we falter from this path, it is our duty to check ourselves and get back on it. It is also the duty we have towards other people to call them out every time they do a wrong deed towards us or other people. This way, you are exercising your willpower and embracing confrontation instead of avoiding it. This is why you must always tell the Truth and treat others with respect. Because when they don't return the favour, you can call them out on it. This way, we are constantly being teachers to others so that they can also get on the right path too. We are all here to learn from each other and sometimes confrontation is necessary.