The Path of Enlightenment Requires Balance in Mind, Body, and Soul

Most people spend their lives either embracing the Ego or the Higher Self. By giving to one part of the Self, be careful not go neglect the other. Your Ego is a part of you. It is your body. It has a place in this reality, the same as your mind, your logical thinking, and your emotions. Your Soul and Spirit are part of you too. They form your Higher Self. You need to balance out all of parts of Self and satisfy all of them. Give your body what it needs to sustain itself. It wants food, sleep, sex, and to relax sometimes, therefore give it that. Give your mind mental stimulation when it needs it. Read a book. Learn a new hobby. Use your mind in a healthy way to make logical decisions in life based on things that are long-term goals. Also, feed your Soul and Spirit with activities that satisfy the Higher Self. Fall in love. Mediate. Engage in creative activities. Always seek balance in all things, as balance is the true path of the Spiritualist and the journey towards Enlightenment.