Tough Times don't Last, Tough People Do

This is saying in our society that is important when encountering hard times. Sometimes you find yourself in a tough situation in your life that truly challenges you on every level. Very often, it seems there is no solution to your problems and that you cannot overcome whatever challenges you are encountering. In these situations it is most important to maintain composure at all cost, and to stay strong. Do not let the fear of failure take you over but be persistent and determined that you can get through it. Remember always that after the night, the dawn always comes. This means that every tough situation has a beginning and an end but your attitude about how you deal with tough situations will persist the test of time. Your attitude comes from the strength of your mind and heart and the Universe will challenge both many times in our lives. Therefore accept the challenges and overcome them and you will be walking the path of the Spiritual warrior. Your Spirit can conquer all.