Whatever You Do, Always Stay Inspired

Being inspired literally means to be In-Spirit. It means to connect to the highest part of us, the part that is of the Divine, and to allow that energy to guide us. When we are inspired, we can accomplish anything. No task is too hard and no feat impossible. In fact, when we are inspired, anything is possible. Therefore, look for what makes you inspired and work on making that thing the biggest part of your life. It helps to be inspired by things you can control, such as something from your inner reality. Making other people the source of your happiness and inspiration may work on a short-term basis but you will find that this is a source that you cannot control. You can't control other people and you should not try to. People spend too much time looking for inspiration in romantic relationships and too often I see them being disappointed. Instead, look for inspiration in your hobbies, in music, in creative expressions, and in things that you connect with yourself, not something external.