When You Truly Love Someone, Be Prepared to Let Them Go

We fall in love and naturally get attached. After a while, we even say to ourselves that we cannot live without this person. In actuality, this is not true and we are setting ourselves up for failure with this kind of thinking. More often than not, the love fizzles out and we are left back at square one. Then we are sad and disappointed and we stop being inspired because we allowed the other person to fill a void within us, instead of filling that void with love we have for ourselves. Instead, if we love people in a way that we are happy with them in our life, and are also aware that we are happy without them, which only comes from loving ourselves first, then we are loving them in a detached way. This is a higher form of love, the unconditional kind, which allows us to be ourselves. In this way, having our partner in our life is a bonus and not the sole purpose of our existence. Consequently, in this scenario, the other person will feel it too, and they will be more attracted to us, which will result in a longer-term relationship. People are attracted to people who love themselves.