Work on Establishing a Good Character and Life will Open up to You

Always uphold virtuous behaviour and subdue your vices as much as you can. Practice charity and good will to other people. Do not look to take from people but to give to them. Be humble and grateful. Understand that you are a conduit for Divine Energy and love, and do not attribute good behaviour as something that the Ego thought up. Instead, keep the circuit of Light flowing by being humble. Be kind and patient with others. You may not understand them at first, but if you exercise patience, you will. If you react to them in an angry way, you will only get anger and negativity back.  Restrain yourself from over-indulging. Have control over how much you feed your body the things it needs and wants, or you will fall prey to the body leading the mind and not the other way around. Work hard and be diligent in your endeavours. You will reap the fruits of your hard work, just give it time. Remember, the Universe respects hard work.