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I started writing in October of 2016, precisely 12 years after a very intense Kundalini awakening. I began writing a book, which over time turned into two, then into three, and finally into four concise, yet interrelated bodies of work. I say bodies of work because one is a trilogy of books, while each of the other three are individual books for each of the three different subjects. During these past three years and counting, since I started this writing process, I have also discovered my true purpose in life. It is to serve as a channel for my Higher Genius, my God-Self. By doing so, I believe I am assisting in the Spiritual evolution of all of humanity. And what higher purpose could there be on Earth than that.

We all have a Higher Self since we all come from God-the Creator. And as I have found a connection to my Higher Self, my work is to help others do the same. As such, all of my work is geared towards helping you, the reader, evolve Spiritually. This way, I am fulfilling a sacred duty I owe to God-the Creator, and repaying the favour for putting me on such a beautiful and fulfilling Spiritual journey.

My first work is called Man of Light. It is an autobiographical series of novels, which encompasses my whole life; starting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and ending in Toronto, Canada. It covers the significant events in my life and the stories that shaped me into the person I am today. The most mind-blowing of these stories and experiences is the sustained and permanent Kundalini awakening that I had in 2004 and my journey of integrating the awakening into my life for the next 15 years. 

My biography includes everything I have experienced and learned before and after the awakening. It contains my experience with an influential book called The Kybalion and how it changed my life. This same book is the cause behind the effect. Its study is what led to the awakening of my Kundalini energy. After this momentous experience, I was launched into a new reality, and as I was searching for answers, I found them within a Western Mysteries School called the Golden Dawn. I spent five years within the Golden Dawn and used its Spiritual practice called “Ceremonial Magick” to purify and tune my Chakras to assist with the Kundalini awakening process I was undergoing.

With my Being elevated to the “Fourth Dimension” called the Dimension of Vibration, or Energy, I learned the science and language of this invisible world. I was a laboratory and scientist in one. Since I was given the knowledge of explaining this invisible science of the world of energy, I became a teacher to many people who came across my path. I taught others about the Kundalini process as well as Ceremonial Magick since I became a master of both of these subjects over time.

The Kundalini awakened the creativity within me like never before, which enabled me to explore inspired painting, poetry, music, acting, and other creative expressions. I experienced many Kundalini related phenomena, from enhanced telepathy and empathy to Lucid Dreaming, to OBEs, to seeing Auras, to incredible and indescribable mystical states of consciousness. The Kundalini changed my visual perception of the world so that I experience the world around me now as an enhanced digital Hologram, which attests to modern scientific theories that we live in a Holographic Universe.

I see Light and energy in everything since my vibration has heightened immeasurably through the Kundalini awakening process. Over time, I learned to function in a state of Being where I see myself in 3rd Person, and my consciousness can exit my physical body on command. The various transformations I encountered as a result of the Kundalini energy being active in me these past 15 years took me from Earth to Heaven in less than a decade as my consciousness was gradually uniting with Cosmic Consciousness. The experiences mentioned above and many more are all covered in Man of Light.

My second work, The Magus: Kundalini and the Western Mysteries covers an area of my expertise, which is Western esotericism. The Magus goes hand in hand with Part 2 of the Man of Light series since it offers step-by-step instructions on the ritual exercises that I used during my Ceremonial Magick journey, which helped me Spiritually evolve and overcome the fear and anxiety that I was left with after the initial Kundalini awakening. As such, Kundalini awakened individuals will benefit significantly from this work, in the same way I did when I stumbled upon this sacred art some 14 years ago. The practical use of ritual exercises though would be incomplete without theoretical knowledge that goes along with it.

The Magus is a thorough exposition on the Chakras, the Five Elements, the Tree of Life, the Qabalistic Mysteries, Astrology, Ceremonial Magick, Spiritual Alchemy, Hermeticism, and much more. I even included The Kybalion, in my own words, tying it into the Qabalah. Learning about the Hermetic Principles of Creation will give you a manual on how to master this reality we all partake in by being a Co-Creator with your Creator. Also, while exploring the Western Mysteries on my journey, I have always cross-referenced everything with the Kundalini energy. My goal was to unite the Eastern and Western Spiritual practices into one Universal practice that everyone can understand and benefit from.

This book is a full course of study of the Western Mysteries. Engaging in the Spiritual Alchemy process contained within the book will allow you to learn all the factors that make up who you are as a person. You will learn about how Elemental energies contained within your Chakras are the driving force behind your inner faculties such as your willpower, logic and reason, emotion, desire, memory, intuition and more. You will learn how you can benefit from using your Elements and how you can transform your energy so that you can develop your personal power to its fullest in this lifetime.

As you learn the Hermetic Qabalah, you will learn psychology and how you can apply that psychology to yourself and other people you come across. You will learn how you can develop your character and use the energies of our Solar System to your benefit. The Magus is called that because its goal is to develop you into a Magi- a powerful Being that has full control over their reality and can manifest their innermost desires. You will learn to be a cause, not an effect. You will learn to live in accordance with Universal Law and use the power of the Divine to become the best version of yourself possible.

My third work is called Serpent Rising. In it, I discuss the Kundalini and the process of awakening in detail. I talk about all aspects of Kundalini Energy, how it works, what it does, and where the process leads. It contains all of my knowledge and experience acquired over the past 15 years since awakening the Kundalini. This book is different and more thorough on the subject of the Kundalini than Man of Light. It contains a lot of information that the other book does not have. It includes the all-important meditations on different energy points inside and around the head that I discovered on my Kundalini awakening journey while encountering challenges with how the energy was integrating. These meditations can also be used to raise Ida and Pingala if the need arises ever, such as if you encounter a short-circuit through the use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances.

As you all know, the Kundalini energy can be very volatile, and a high can turn into a low very quickly. Knowing how Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna operate within the Kundalini system will enable you to be your own mechanic and fix the engine when it malfunctions. The Kundalini Science is an evolving one and my exposition on this subject, I believe, will stand the test of time. It is rooted in practicality and methods that are readily understandable since they are expressed through a modern-day language.

Serpent Rising discusses permanent and partial Kundalini awakenings and the difference between them. It discusses the various Cosmic Planes that we partake of. It discusses Lucid dreaming and how you can induce the experience on command. It also discusses the importance of the Pineal and Pituitary glands and their functions. It explains the integration process of energy and how food and water play a role. As you begin the process of aligning with the newly awakened Spiritual body, I cover the transition phases as well as peak events in the overall awakening process.

Given that I was the prototype of this experience, I took the time to address all the questions and concerns that over 200 Kundalini awakened individuals I have spoken to have. Most people had the same issues, and I spend ample time going over the details of each in a “Q and A” part of the book. Kundalini awakened individuals will find no other manual like since it has been my goal to write the very book that I wish I had at my disposal when I was in the dark 15 years ago after awakening Kundalini. I offer all of my findings along my journey with Kundalini in Serpent Rising.

In my fourth work titled Cosmic Star Child, I go into the very cryptic topic of humanity’s hidden origins and history. I challenge the old beliefs imposed by the Darwinian theory of evolution and offer insights into a more esoteric version of humanity through rigorous exploration and research, supported by the latest scientific and archaeological findings. This work is fact-checked, and it corresponds with what many scholars in modern times accept as the truth regarding human history and origins. As someone who has travelled to many of these ancient places such as Peru, Egypt, Mexico, England, and Greece I have had the firsthand experience of the energies that the sacred structures in these places emanate. The ancient structures such as Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramids, Sacsayhuaman, Teotihuacan, and Stonehenge carry many secrets and hold the keys to our future.

Along my travel journeys, I have stumbled upon structures that are undefinable by modern-day engineering techniques. Stone blocks, some up to 100 tons, all perfectly cut and stacked on top of one another without any mortar or other binding methods so that you cannot slip a piece of paper between them. Who built these structures that are found all over the world? Are they evidence of earlier, undefined civilizations, and if so, were these human civilizations or something else entirely?

There is a lot that your governments and media are not telling us concerning the truth of who we are and how we got here as a species. It is ridiculous to think that humanity had such a massive leap in intelligence as a result of the Darwinian theory of evolution, without getting some help elsewhere. The technological advancements in the past 100 years attest to this fact. Many of our religious books and historical artefacts have been misinterpreted over the years. Our true origins are meant to be kept secret. We are living with amnesia about who we are, and our lives are programmed by these lies we are led to believe are valid. We must break away from mental constructs to see how we fit as a species into the Cosmic framework of our Universe. The Kundalini is the next step in the evolution of humankind, and only the truth about our history and origins will set us free so that we can progress further Spiritually and not be left behind.

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