Book Release Dates

Dear Reader,

I am currently working on finishing the final edit of The Magus: Kundalini and the Western Mysteries, and I plan on getting it published in November of 2019. In 2020 I will release Serpent Rising, while in 2021, I will release the first part of the Man of Light series.

I want to thank Daniel Bakov, Winged Shoes Publishing’s Creative Consultant/ Editor. His creative input in the Man of Light series has been indispensable, and he has helped bring out the best in my work and dilute it to its purest essence.

I also want to thank Lesley Smith, for her contribution towards the illustrations within the books. The beautiful pictures that will be featured in the first two books (The Magus and Serpent Rising) are the product of our collaboration. All the images reflect the ideas within those two books, and as such, serve as a big part of the overall projects. 

Lastly, I want to thank Emily Costello, Winged Shoes Publishing’s illustrator and artist. Emily is solely responsible for the artwork of the cover pages of all the books. Her first work is a painting that will be featured on the cover page of The Magus.

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Neven Paar
Winged Shoes Publishing
Toronto, Ontario